Qidi - Maximize build volume


In case you mounted a Chad or Herkules Mod on your printer and used my instructions how to assemble them you might face the fact that for security reasons the volumes are approximately 1cm less in each direction then they could be.

For example I typically use the following for a X-Plus

M8024 I260;X Maximum stroke
M8025 I190;Y Maximum stroke
M8026 I190;bed height change
M8500;Save changes

to be on the safe side.

Using those values you define where the printhead/nozzle will be positioned at the start of the print (position front,top, left) - see picture below.

In case you would choose to high x value the head mitght crash into your left enclosure, Z too high the head will crash into your bed, y too high the head will crash into you front enclosure. So please take care go slow and measure first before you change :)


  1. Remove the fan duct and for the chad mod you might loosen the top screws
  2. TIghten your Bed leving screws almost to the max to gain as much as possible Z Height

Where to find the values on your Qidi


Qidi Display here X-Max in Homeposition

You will find it under System/Info


Print starting point should be a bit left of the bed (1mm is fine)

Measure how much space is still left towards the left and towards the front when in printing start position and increase the values accordingly:

M8024 I260+<your x measurement>;X Maximum stroke
M8025 I190+<your y measurement>;Y Maximum stroke
M8500;Save changes

redo until all fits.

The Z Value will be adapted automatically if you do your first leveling

X-Max Specific

The BMG level (if you use a BMG) should be shortend so you can increase the x-Values more.
Note: I typically already deliver shortend ones.