Qidi Extruder Upgrade Icarus 1.x Mod

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    Humebeam has finished his first version of Icarus - a light weight extruder based on the Orbiter drive.

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    As we have discussed several versions like:

    • light & fast - could be now the Icarus instead Herkules
    • standard & normal daily use - as sold in the shop
    • robust & reliable for extreme conditions - with more torque using 1.8 degree special extruder stepper and bigger fan

    the light version might be based on Icarus - I think it makes no sense to tune the Herkules one, if there is a special lightweight design available.

    If there is interest I might build an Icarus as well and support community building them.

    Here the link to the Ali shop in case you want to buy the Orbiter yourself:

    Orbiter Ali shop

    Other Trianglelabs stuff maybe needed:

    actual price on Ali (04.09.2021): 73€ per Dragon; some month back it was <<60€ :(

    Here the link to humebeams design (now on Prusa).

    And here the link to my blog describung how to assemble and mount the prebuild version: Qidi Extruder Upgrade - Icarus Mod

  • Ich gebe zu, beim Orbiterthema habe ich mich gestern glatt geärgert wie ich das auf Thingi gesehen habe. DIE Variante hat mich schon lange gereitzt.
    War oder bin jetzt in den Sommermonaten zu faul mich selbst mal hinzusetzen und einen Carriage zu designen.
    Wofür haben wir den guten humebeam in der Community ;) ?
    Die Faulheit geht soweit, das ich bisher nichtmal deinen PC-FR Schlitten eingebaut habe *schäm*

    Das Einzige was mich beim bisherigen humebeam-Entwurf stört ist der lärmende 3010 Fan.

    Da müsste ein 40 oder 50 mm Fan ran.

  • evtl. liest humebeam ja mit und sagt uns zumindest: !warum die kleine 30mm Variante...?!

  • Sorry for the delay. The reason I went with 3010 fan is for weight and size, wanting to keep it as light and small as possible. It is a lot noiser than a good 40 mm fan as you know.

    I could take a look at making a 4010 version if there is interest. 50 mm fan is impossible.

  • OK just had a look at the design. 4010 is not possible the way it is designed, only way a 4010 fan fits is if it's placed outside the carriage like on Hercules.

    I could make a 3510 version but just as well keep 3010 then.

  • Yepp that (outside mount) I expected - as well asked on thingi - thanks for your reply. If weight is the main goal I would keep it with 30mm fan as we have the Herkules as well.

  • In my opinion outside is not a bad descission.

    Rather i would accept a few grams more than the high pitch noise of the 3010 fan.
    This was the very first mod at the original Extruder, moving to a 5010 fan.

    Because the frequency is more disturbing than the loudness itself.

    LOUD is the workpiece fan. But not really a subject to change :| .

  • In my opinion outside is not a bad descission.

    Rather i would accept a few grams more than the high pitch noise of the 3010 fan.
    This was the very first mod at the original Extruder, moving to a 5010 fan.

    Because the frequency is more disturbing than the loudness itself.

    LOUD is the workpiece fan. But not really a subject to change :| .

    Yes I generally agree with all of that, I really don't like the noisy 3010 fans either.

    The problem is with a fan on the outside is the distance to the heatbreak is relatively far, so far that I recommend a 4020 fan for Hercules instead of 4010 to push enough airflow for sufficient cooling.

    4020 fan plus an air duct similar to the one on Hercules adds quite a bit of weight (30 to 40g perhaps?). It would still very much be lightweight carriage of course, not just as light as possible which I was aiming for :)

    But if there is interest, sure I can design a special edition. Give me a couple of days.

  • No need to rush, in my case in the next month i´m satisfied with Hercules.

    Meanwhile i imported your .step in Fusion and tried out how it may fit.

    Jeees, that timing belt is pain in the ar***.
    It is hard to find a way to get out of the way AND get enough air to the heatbreak AND avoid the airbraking and heavy duct AND keep stable...

    Now i slowly understand why i wanted to leave it for you... 8o

    By way, you show a 3D Model of the Orbiter/Phaetus assembling, is it selfmade or do you have a source?

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  • First Icarus design with a 4010 fan is complete but not tested, unfortunately I'm out of 4010 fans :D

    I did not want to stray away from the lightweightness (is that a word?) so the fan is still mounted inside the carriage but with a twist (fan is angled so it fits, barely). So the carriage is a bit different and so does is the hotend mount. The other parts for the mod are the same. I guess this will be Icarus 1.1 with the option of 3010 or 4010 fans. I'll upload after my test print.

    I'll show some quick still images.

  • I´m in doubt that the 4010 makes less noise when you hide him behind the hexagon grid.
    You should open that area and make the fan a part of the rigidity.

    Additional i obviously underestimate how small the heatbrake is.
    Guess, with that steepness of the duct the flow of the air will be pretty bad and will produce to much pressure due to drag.

    My feeling is, the duct must be longer and the fan need to move to the outside anyway. Or at least even with the boundaries of the Carriage

    There is space between the carriage and the grid, a few mm, it's not directly against the carriage, it's similar to Icarus 1.0 but slightly closer to the carriage to recude the slope of the duct. Will find out tomorrow how it performs in practice.

    Yes the angle is steep for the duct, there's no way around it other than a solution similar to Hercules where the fan is external.

    If I'm not happy with the performance it won't be released in this form, same as for all my designs. If so I might do an external fan with a fan duct which indeed is part of the rigidity. Or not released at all.

  • Oh, don´t worry.

    I really appreciate your efforts, i just wanted to tell my thoughts.

    I remember, when i modified the original Extruder for the first time, also found on Thingiverse, i was pretty disapointed that the 50 mm Fan was as loud as the 30 mm =O

    Only when i cut out the Grid out of the housing, the noise disappeared.

    So for me fanblades and obstacles are bad partners.

    At the other hand i tend to think, noise of the heatbrake fan is overestimated.
    Because, depending on the filament the part cooler, which is a radialfan, runs at 70-100%,
    So the increase by the axial fan is a minor effect.

    But, we are playkids, bigger is better by default :S

  • lol maybe I designed that as well :D, I've made an extruder cover for 40 and 50 mm fans earlier, the first versions I made had covers for the fan blades but that was indeed fan blades directly against the cover so the backpressure was increased and the noise as well. So I removed the fan grille for the later versions. Then after that I made an open design without the top cover, it actually worked pretty good, as good as the lousy stock carriage, extruder and hotend allowed anyway. The original design is very poorly designed in so many ways.

    Lesson learned ;)

  • Here's Icarus v1.1 (not released, in testing now) with a Sunon Maglev 4010 fan. The carriage is opened up more than the previous version and the fan is closer to the hotend.

    The carriage has mounting options for both 3010 and 4010 fans with a Dragon hotend mount for each.

    About 75% of the 4010 fan airflow is directed to the heatsink while the rest is directed above at the extruder. As you can see in the picture of the 4010 mount, the opening is quite wide so some air flows outside the heatsink but I'm confident it is more than sufficient with a good fan. It is very silent.

    The 3010 fan is so small that all of the air goes to the heatsink. It is quite loud but efficient.

  • Update August 8, 2021

    Icarus 1.1 has been released. The 3010 fan from version 1.0 has been replaced with a larger 4010 fan for much lower noise level and increased performance. To upgrade you need to re-print the carriage and hotend mount and the new belt peg which is now slightly taller:




    Also, I've rotated all the stls so they are set in the correct printing direction.

    There are a few other minor changes including stronger structure around the bearings and heated inserts as well as a few minor aestetic fixes.


  • OKido will take this version and print one - I have two orbiters here for testing.

  • Hey guys just a quick update. I made a micro update on 1.1 late last night, allowing for a Mosquito (or Mellow NF Crazy clone) hotend to be mounted. If you've printed the earlier version of 1.1 and want to use Mosquito you can just sand the tabs on the carriage that's holding the mount a few mm and it will drop in nicely.

    The NF Crazy clone seems to have disappeared from Aliexpress since I ordered it, too bad since it was quite a bit cheaper than Dragon, also with very high machining quality of the parts. For those of you in Europe you can buy the clone from vonwange (it's called "DIY hotend").

    The Mosquito heatsink is rectangular, a bit wider and the hotend total height is also a little bit taller than Dragon so I've designed a new Mosquito mount. Will upload after testing it.

  • Update August 11, 2021

    Important! I made a small error in the last version of the Dragon mount which was uploaded yesterday, causing the filament opening to be slightly off center. If you printed icarus-dragon-mount-1.11.stl then you should immediately print version 1.12 since it can cause the filament to bind and in worst case clog. Please print this file to fix it:


    If you don't want to reprint it at this moment you can instead remove the mount and drill the opening a little larger (5.0 mm drill).

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


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