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    Or as bad :wacko: depending on Material and cooling.

    Overall I had two (low number, which is good) cases where people were struggling as filament got stuck after a while. Which might a combination of cooler 4010 and lower torque stepper (0.9). In both cases the stepper was not able to push filament forward. As Icarus is using also a 4010 fan and same hotend it would be interesting to get some feedback on reliabilty on PLA and PETG wich I see more critical especially on the HB cooling.

    4020 fan is recommended for Hercules, the distance for the airflow is much longer. I've not had any issues with a Sunon Maglev 4020.

    It could also be a little low printing temp but unlikely if it happens later in a print. Or too low tension on the BMG lever. Or a glitch in the ribbon connector or thermocouple. But my money is on the fan.

    Yes if you want to move the PCB and don't want to use a dial indicator, in front would be a better placement, just make sure it doesn't hit the frame. :)

    Keep up the good work, nice to see someone using the step files, great to see a different point of view too.

    Looks nice :)

    Yes I never use the unload filament function, I always feed in new from above.

    Interesting :)

    According to my earlier calculations I believe the Orbiter extruder will hit the PCB.

    Version 1.2 is almost complete. It prints entirely without supports now, a few other fixes too.

    Can you do a fire test with it - and I would also be intrested where to get it if it is flame retardend. Just lighten a piece of filament with a torch and check if it stopps burning itself or if it continous... The Priline looks nice easy to print but is to weak for a fan duct. The Polymax FR is good and seems to work longterm but I like matt finish more.

    It's printing now, will test later :)

    Had a printed test piece. Took a few tries to get it burning properly but then it burns continuos so it's not fully flame retardent.

    I was right in the process of printing my PC version of the Icarus.. but now I rather wait for the upgraded fanduct... 🥳 Where did you geht the Prusament PC CF from? On prusa's site it's always out of stock 😭

    Yup got it from Prusa's shop, it's always out of stock so you must sign up for the notification and when you get the back in stock notice order within the hour else it is gone again. I bought two spools.

    [user = '150'] humebeam [/ user] one question .. is there a series of X-Max'es without screw holes? I didn't find a location to mount your cable holder .. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    That's the downside of a chinese printer. :)They change hardware revisions constantly for no appearing reason. My printer is a little older most likely.

    If you want to use it, which I think is a good idea, you can mark and drill two small holes (2.5 mm drill), remove the rear panel to ensure you hit nothing.

    [user = '150'] humebeam [/ user]

    I tested your newest fanduct - I like the changes but looking at the result there is a small area to improve print or slicerability :)

    [attach = '4398', 'none', 'false'] [/ attach]

    Or is this gap intentionally?

    It's a slicer thing, it is very thin there. I'll make it a little thicker for now and upload today.

    I'm in the middle of testing version 1.2, it is completely redesigned from scratch.

    Iatraliptes I tried Greentec Pro Carbon myself, not sure how they got the heat deflection values but it's rubbish, it doesn't withstand heat good at all. Same goes for Priline PC-CF. Too bad I bought two spools of each.

    They Both look nice though but that's about it. :)

    I'm pretty sure the orange ASA carriage you printed holds up much better. Polymax PC-FR should be perfect for you.