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    Maybe it helps some if you want to print PC version yourself - here where I added support or on spot "Brim"
    Brim to reduce warping or have more stable standing support. These nano cylinders are easy to remove.

    Thanks! Yeah I don't have too much luck with PC, warps every time, went through half a spool Prusament PC blend now. :) Smaller prints like the fan duct and other parts are always fine. I've printed on black side with glue, white side, glass. What do you print on?

    My slice looks similar but has a wide brim all around. So far it looks good, about 40% complete, I upped the temp to 275/110 this time.

    I'm using a line width of 0.40 mm.

    Could you point out on a larger picture where the issues are? I think I may need to create a bit thicker walls.

    humebeam is it mandatory to shorten the BMG lever for the x-PLus as well? with the chad version only the MAX needed the shorter one - same for yours?

    Second build - third one ready for prep in the background

    The extruder position is identical to Chad's because I wanted cross-design compatibility for fan ducts and so on so if the full size handle fits Chad's X-Plus, it should also fit this.

    Got your donation for the builds, much appreciated. :)

    Looking good! :)

    I think that version in the picture is the best, that's how mine is routed currently. No need for a cable tie IMO. Could also do a little longer cable length and pull it under the PCB holder the same way the other cables are secured.

    But you can also run a longer cable around and below the extruder the same way the heater and thermocouples are routed, a little less space though. This is from my assembly guide:

    It's probably just that one print I did, I'm not a PC pro :)

    I also think it's best with a single version. We'll stick to the current version, if there is feedback of it being loose I'll offer a tighter version but if not we'll stick to this.

    I may just make two versions, one normal like the current and one with tighter clearances.

    It comes down to individual slicer settings (flow etc), which filament was used etc, it's impossible to make a version with 100% perfect fitment for all.

    Olaf Krause I noticed with the wider bearing holders in 1.6 although they fit fine in a cold printer but after a long print they loosen up and similar to the Chad version (but not as much, that one is way too loose) it it does not hold as firmly. Thinking of reducing the width slightly to 19.15 mm diameter. Thoughts?

    Edit: It probably does not effect print quality either way but it gets a little noisier when it's not super tight.

    Great OK - then I will try another test print today night/ tomorrow morning - if this looks fine (what I assume) I will go for PC again and finally start building some for shipping.

    Yes I'm confident it is good, only very minor changes since our latest test prints (larger rounded opening for lower ribbon latch, thicker motor mount, belt holder)

    I'll start a PC print myself tomorrow, will skip ABS this time.

    Update April 29, 2021

    A couple of design changes bring the Hercules version number to 1.6:

    • Ribbon bracket moved to the edge of the carriage, also closer to the blower fan.
    • Ribbon bracket reduced width by a few mm.
    • PCB holder moved 5 mm closer to the ribbon bracket, easier to remove ribbon cable.
    • Cutout for bottom ribbon cable latch access, for the same reason as above.
    • Stepper motor / extruder holder a little thicker, reduces the risk of bottoming out extruder screws.
    • Dial holder attachment updated to version 1.1, slightly wider because of the motor holder change above.
    • Belt holder minor redesign so it's not as thin on the edge.
    • BOM updated with recommended parts: Changes; 23 mm stepper motor added, 60W heater cartridge.
    • Renders not updated yet.

    Thanks again to Olaf Krause for feedback.

    I just noticed a bug with 1.6, it must have happened when I moved the ribbon cable holder.

    You can just remove the deformation under one of the bearing holders with pliers once it has finished printing, I'll fix the bug now for the final version. Also spotted another weakness, fixing now.

    Sorry about that.