BMW i3 Software Update

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    The i3 software update 07-503 has been released via Service Action:
    SI B12 16 14.
    Included in this update are:

    Update: Air Conditioning / Heat Pump inoperability fix
    Model: BEV

    Update: Check Engine Light fix
    Model: REX

    Update: Improved 12V battery charging strategy (preventing 12V battery failure and “Drivetrain Malfunction” fault)
    Model: BEV, REX

    Temporarily revised on-board charger (UCX/KLE) operation. Charging rate is now temperature dependant. In some cases the charging rate may be reduced by up to 30% but will no longer result in the potential for a total loss of charging. Full charging capability of 7.4kW will be restored with further improvements expected in late 2014.
    Model: BEV, REX

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