Qidi Extruder Upgrade Package - Icarus 2.x Version

Qidi Extruder Upgrade Package Icarus 2.x Version - replacing your Qidi stock extruder with even more reliable standard parts offering a better performance. It is compatible with Qidi X-Plus, X-Max and i Mate S.

Big Qidi Extruder Upgrade Package replacing your Qidi stock extruder with even more reliable standard parts offering a better performance.

  1. Better Part and heatbreak cooling
  2. Dragon hotend for easy repair and further future upgrades (not dependend on QIdi repair service)
  3. Light weight version (especially compared to e.g. the Herkules one) - potential for high print speed
  4. Higher temperatures possible - easily 300C as no PTFE tube towards the nozzle is possible.
  5. Avoids many situation the original version that due to one drive system will clogg frequently

The Package includes:

  • Dragon Hotend (Phaetus or Tringlelabs + Highflow or standard flow) - can be selected as option within the ordering process.
  • Orbiter 1.5 or 2.0 drive incl. LDO stepper motor
  • 40-50W heater cartridge
  • Thermocoupler (temp sensor)
  • 40mm cooling fan (4020) - optional maybe 4010 later.
  • Part blower similar to Qidi stock one
  • New 3D firmware configuration (for motor directions, leveling points and build volume)
  • Plated Copper nozzle 0.4mm - can easily be changed by yourself
  • Connection PCB with connectors for Fans, Extruder and Sensor
  • Fanduct and Dragonholder in PC-FR, Carriage, Beltpegs in PC (CF or FR)

Main differences to Ikarus version I:

  • A universal carriage for all supported printers, regardless of extruder and hotend. Instead, you print a mount for your chosen extruder and hotend that install with just four screws meaning you can quickly swap to another extruder and hotend while still using the same carriage, improved maintenance.
  • Hotend fan upgraded from 4010 to 4020 - improved cooling performance and lower noise level (4010 fan is still supported with optional printed distances).
  • The belt teeth are now on the belt peg and tensioner instead of the actual carriage.
  • Option to use belt tensioner
  • Support for the new wider Qidi PCB supplied with some printers.
  • Increased blower fan stability.

IMate users: Please check the limitation that might impact you. Bearing size, Closed/open belt and potential small impact on your build volume.


As the carriage as such was posted for the community unter Creative Commons Licence 5€ per order will be donated to the original designer (agreement for commercial use exists)

Lieferzeit/Shipment time 1-2weeks as assembled on demand (parts are typically on stock).

Detailed instruction how to mount it here: Icarus II mounting instructions

The customer discussion thread can be found here: Icarus II Thread

The assembly takes typically 30min but is highly depending on your experience using 3D printers and changing config using gcode files. Basic knowledge like using a text editor is mandatory.Please read it carefully. If you have question use the forum or chat function to clarify. In case you still have the impression that is too complex, maybe this package is not suitable for your use case.

  • Wichtig: Wir sind nicht verantwortlich for irgendwelche Schäden. Bitte nutzt die Anleitung und die Upgradeteile auf Euer Risiko. Wir verkaufen hier kein fertiges Produkt, sondern die Teile für Euch zusammengestellt und optional zusammengebaut um Euch Aufwand zu ersparen.
  • Important: We are not responsible for any damage. Use responsibly and at your own risk. We do not sell a finished product here, but the parts put together for you and optionally assembled to save you effort.

Order only if you accept this terms.


  • Qidi Extruder Upgrade Package - Icarus 2.x Version
    EUR 214.00


  • Hotends
  • Printer Selection
  • Assembling service - strongly recommended (includes functional test)
    EUR 20.00
  • Orbiter 2.0 update
    EUR 45.00

According to the small business regulation (§19 Abs. 1 UStG) no sales tax is included and shown.


Currently not available.

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