Big Qidi Extruder Upgrade Package - Herkules Version

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Big Qidi Extruder Upgrade Package replacing your Qidi stock extruder with even more reliable standard parts offering a better performance.

  1. Better Part cooling
  2. Standard V6 parts (typically TriangleLabs) for easy repair and further future upgrades
  3. Higher temperatures possible - easily 300C as no PTFE tube towards the nozzle is possible (just change the heatbrake)

    Note: The printed carriage needs to be able to resist this temperatures - please select appropriate material. For PLA/PETG PC CF is OK. ASA, ABS, PC longer prints choose PC FR. PC-FR second advantage is the flame retardants this security feature might be even more important than the higher temperature resistance.
  4. Avoids many situation the original version due to one drive system will clogg

The Package includes:

  • Standard V6 PTFE threaded hotend (open source based) easy to maintain and modify if needed
  • BMG dual drive gear avoiding filament clogging due to weak gear drive
  • 40W heat catridge
  • Thermocoupler (temp sensor)
  • 30mm cooling fan (note: a second 35mm fan can be mounted), Option to use a 40mm fan including a suitable fan shroud replacing the 30mm one.
  • Part blower similar to Qidi stock one
  • New 3D firmware configutation (for motor directions, leveling points and build volume)
  • Stepper motor 1.8 or 0.9 degree step angle
  • Nozzle 0.4mm - can easily be changed by yourself
  • New designed carriage 3 pieces made from polycarbonate


As the carriage as such was posted for the community unter Creative Commons Licence 5€ per order will be donated to the original designer (agreement for commercial use exists)

Lieferzeit/Shipment time 1-2weeks as assembled on demand (parts are typically on stock).

Detailed instruction how to mount it under: Big Qidi Extruder Upgrade Package

Important: We are not responsible for any damage to your 3D printer. Use responsibly and at your oww risk

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