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  • Hi, I'm interested to buy the extruder package for the x-max, do you guys ship in USA?

    • Typically not due to insurance and other challenges - but I will contact you via converstion directly as well.

  • Hello and good morning (here Is morning)

    I have a question Once i get my entender from you and have it installed. Do you have a program that could take over my computer and install the correct upgrade software? I am so afraid of screwing it up. I am not a pro at this or the computer. But I am retired and love doing this stuff. I am 73 and still going strong. HAHA

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    • Hi Paul,

      not sure if you recognized that this is a public area... will contact you via conversation.

      There is no software to be updated on your computer - only a config change to be done on the printer - I will guide you via chat. How... let's clarify within the privat chat.

  • Hi Olaf!

    hoffe Dir gehts gut in dieser seltsamen Corona-Zeit. Ich hab Dich bei Facebook angeschrieben. Finde deinen Blog sehr interessant und würde gerne mit dir über das Thema Tesla sprechen. Ich bin übrigens von AMPTech 🤩

    Liebe Grüße

    Leon Engel

  • Olaf,
    Hope you are well.

    Edy Kaeser reaches out to me asking how to contact you??
    Edy Käser <>

    He has shut himself out of your forum, lost his passwort, and has problems contacting you??

    with regards
    Carel Hassink