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    Hello All,

    Since my last visit here we've done a lot.

    I've been working on a new test rigg.

    SMA Sunny Island LV DC inverter charger + Simpbms + GS YUASA LEV40N/50N cellblocks with CMU

    I've reported earlier on the SIMP bms here :…sla-module-oem-slaveboard

    other info can be found here:…php/tesla-bms-190266.html

    The current firmware version of SIMPbms can adres 10 unique cmu ID.

    so max set-up =5S16P ~12Kwh LEV40N or 14Kwh LEV50N, or perhaps better go with 5S15P (note alll cells are monitored by CMU)

    SIMPbms is a shield with a Teensy 3.2 capable to work with/control various oem EV batteries and their cmu's,

    like Tesla BMW VAG (VW-Audi) Mercedes Benz GS YUASA Mitsubishi Outlander /iMIEV and clones from Peugeot/Citroen.

    Porting this SIMPbms to brand name inverters is in slow progress.

    First was the Victron range via Venus OS on the Venus GX, and the Color GX, as described earlier.

    now we have the SMA Sunny Island series working.

    Next step will be giving it a try to go High Voltage, SMA Sunnyboy Storage series.

    Hooking up a complete pack 400Vdc, controlled with a SIMPbms to one of these:…/batter…/sunny-boy-storage-37-50-60.html

    If somebody from the forum has the can-protocol of this SunnyBoy Storage range, and is willing to share, please please do.

    All work is on Github:

    I will try to update this thread with additional info as we progress, if permitted

    best regards

    Carel Hassink

    Hello All,

    I have been using REC bms too, but did find another promising product from Australia,

    compared to REC not so much different in cost.

    They use a bit different scenario, but it is more adjustable, future proof if you want to expand., will work with SMA, and various other brands of inverters..

    If you search youtube for Batrium you'll find a lot of info.

    If I were to make a choice now, I would go for Batrium

    best Carel


    of what I read from the manual, you can have a master slave on the same fase, but only of the same model 8.0 + 8.0 etc

    another problem is the new generation SI, with integrated web-interface wifi etc. these models will not work with older stuff.

    so I'm a bit pushed to buy now they are still available, and soon to fase out.

    best Carel

    Hello Olaf,

    If I understand your question right,

    you wish to use a SI 6.0 together with a SI 8.0??, in a master slave configuration??

    My take this will not work.

    What will work is same model in multicluster (max 3) single phase

    I plan to slowly upgrade to multi-cluster 8.0+ 8.0 in master slave, and add a third, and go to 3-phase,

    if at that time we have high voltage inverters hacked, and will work with freely available commercial bms units,

    it may be tempting to have go at high voltage.

    Most promising is the Solax High Voltage series, scroll down to see.

    Nicely priced.

    Product is now launched in the UK.

    I'm looking at, and in contact with them, to find out what they have in the pipeline.

    They did the Solax, and can do a lot more in programming + their scenario of decentral balancing is more future proof than REC.

    Another fun forum with a lot of side kicks to batrium,



    Changing lay-out, blowing up REC, excellent after service of Tine.

    Over the last month I decided to change the lay-out of my ESS.

    The Rittal cabinet, with battery bank + SI,

    is close to a staircase in my workshop, accessible from 3 sides.

    I made the mistake to have all bms wires from the batteries on the best accessible side,

    and the AC+ comm connections to and from SI on the less accessible side.

    So I changed it,

    with help of my strong neighbor we lifted the SI again, and swapped it across. to the other wall of the Rittal cabinet

    I rewired the AC220 1phase "unterverteiler,

    fitted 90mm2 DC wiring (was 50mm2) even on a short length of less than 75cm 50mm2 got warm.

    Changed the Omron contactor with a 5mm double contact copper bushbar to use 2 of the 3 poles in parallel.

    The third pole will be used (in planning) to control the auxillary Siemens Telco charger.

    Put back all cables to REC, and flipped the switch, nothing, one beep and dead.....

    Switched it to off

    Took out the lasttrenner,

    and started checking,

    OK I goofed,

    I swapped the temp and shunt connectors.

    This definitely kills the BMS.

    Courtesy of REC,

    They refurbed the BMS @20% reduction of cost of new.


    see burned pcb

    Attached some photo's of the ESS build with


    240 Yuasa cells from Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV second-life batteries

    16P 15S 56.25V nominal 640Ah,

    stacked in aluminium railing (epoxy glued)


    SMA SI 8.0 single phase


    REC Q16S BMS, cooling via Aluminium plate 10mm thichness sized 56.5 x75cm


    Meanwell dc-dc converter 48-96V >>12V

    REC pre-charge unit 12V

    Omron contactor 12V 3-pole, 100A per pole, 2 poles parallel with 5mm copperbushbar

    DC wiring:

    parallel 50mm2 wiring from bat bank to 100A breaker switch

    90mm2 wiring from breaker switch to SI (negative via 300Amp shunt, positive via Omron contactor)

    I've used a Lenovo Twist laptop to control the BMS, and with Teamviewer I have remote control via the internet

    AC connection to the mains/grid via a "Baustrom unterverteiler", 20A breaker (quick) + FI 0.30 ma

    7.5m1 cable 3-phase 6mm2 32A, to work shop breaker board, 20A breaker (quick)

    From work shop to our house 5x10mm2 to main breaker board, 30m1, 20A slow breaker/switch

    SMA energymeter v1 + Sunny Home manager v1. signed up to Sunny portal.


    all my own folly, and against warning of Joerg,

    In contact with both the chinese sales dep of GMDE and the representative in Germany,

    but they want to sell complete kits, bank + inverter and "smart" controller.

    I failed to be sharp enough to make a distinction, and simply bought/ordered a wrong product

    Anyhow, perhaps the product evolves, and someday they will make EU ready product.

    When my kit arrived it failed the correct markings CE + VDE4105 were missing, pff later on a new sticker arrived, with the instruction to stick it over the old one...

    My guess for now: do not order GMDE, not market ready.

    A lot of other product available or in the pipe-line with nicer prospect

    Meanwhile over the months,

    I have developed some contacts around the globe,

    including a contact with Jaron Ware from Batrium ( Australia

    Their BMS is working with SMA SI, SOLAX Hybrid ( looks like NEDAP...), and on their list is the new SOLAX gen 3 X-Hybrid 3 phase model +

    Studer, Victron.

    I have learned that Studer and SMA are about using the same protocol code, but for the timing of the can messages

    If Jaron is able to hack these inverter/chargers he has a strong bms- product to be used with any brand of Li-ion battery or second-life battery packs.

    I think it's just nice to have something next to REC (good product too),

    This bms was brought to my attention by watching this:

    In Australia a man build an enormous battery bank from laptop cells, look him up on youtube( HB powerwall), but now they have created a forum.

    Along the build they came to the conclusion they needed a bms??

    I think sharing info with them would be a good thing, in Australia there are a lot of people using SMA Si Studer Victron, and Voltronic inverters

    like pip infini etc. So I think development can go quick.


    Hi Olaf,

    Just came in, after a couple of days working in the UK again,

    GMDE pff....

    at the time I was so convinced to get it running, but I dropped from one surprise to the other.

    1. GMDE sent out out a different spec inverter than originally advertised on this model, as seen in earlier posting, no display or controls whatsoever. It's basically run by code and protocol like SMA and the Remote control, only thing was I couldn't buy this so badly needed control unit.
    2. Tried to have an interface between the BMS (Rec) and the inverter, looked at the EMDO, and was offered help, but this development is jet to become market ready.

    We do have all protocols from both REC and GMDE, so when EMDO becomes available perhaps we can make it run

    Well given all that I had to figure out a new way to use the components I did have already, and focused on something I could make work with my skill set.

    So it became a SMA SI inverter.

    To fund the ongoing project I started selling second-life hybrid li-ion car batteries from different sources in the Netherlands, and the UK.

    That does work quite well,



    Just an update,

    my folly, against all warning, I wanted to do a high voltage charger inverter of the make GMDE,

    Alas that didn't work out so well..

    At present it's sitting in the attic of my workshop gathering dust.

    It took months to recover from my bad investment.

    The slap on my fingers forced me to go for a proven concept,

    So I too managed to get an SMA SI to work with a REC BMS, and my powerbank of YUASA cells.

    Everything worked out of the box, so welcome, believe me,

    Support of Tine from REC is great, SMA just works,

    SOC, CLOW etc, guidance enough in this forum, so I'll survive these settings too

    See photos of the work sofar.

    Really: reading here has been a great help.

    I have found a SIEMENS telco rectifier to be a good cheap emergency charger, adjustable to 60V 20A single fase,

    even found a 3-phase model 60V 120A on Ebay, but still working to get it going





    Hallo Winfried,



    Too late for me, just bought the powerlab 8.

    EV Peak looks a better product more amps, better features + pc connecting straight in, with mini-usb.
    Software, cannot find it online, but probably bundled with product.
    and more economic....
    Check if you can use it to figure out internal resistance of individual cells. drop the chinese support centre an e-mail


    This week my GMDE 306KTL came in.
    I have decided not to go for the 18Kw model,
    as my project is experimental, and do not know if I'm succeeding to kick it of,
    decided to keep investment as low as possible.
    Perhaps later on the 18Kw model.
    RS485 protocols should work with EMDO on all GMDE models + REC BMS

    Funny to get a 5unit servercase box, one is expecting something more like an PV inverter.
    But anyhow, it's not going to be outdoors. So i thought IP20 is good enough.

    see pic's

    Hello All,

    Today I started playing around with my Revolectrix Powerlab 8 v2.
    This charger originates from the hobby RC world, but is able to charge any type of battery upto 360AH.

    My set-up ( see pictures)
    powersupply 3x Hawker SBS C11 92Ah in parallel,
    2 Ctek chargers from mains (to keep Hawkers full)
    the Powerlab 8 v2
    USB to RS485 to Lenovo laptop FMA software to control Powerlab 8

    I now can pin exact voltage to my LEV40-8 in parallel to 4.1 Volt.
    Charging with this set-up will take about 6 hours to go from an avaverage 3.8V to 4.1V
    (which is SOC 100% according to YUASA spec-sheet)
    I can measure internal resistance to be 0.6 M ohm in battery 1 and 2.

    My ESS has 16 blocks of 8p batteries,
    but blocks came from different donor cars,
    Per car all same voltage, but I have to mix them to get 16 blocks that will comply with my REC BMS,
    to keep it simple, recommended like others do, just 16S.

    Hallo Winfried,

    I had mine from: ( I took out dutch VAT)

    but I bought cables +usb pc-connector+ balance connector from:

    Go to:
    to find a lot of info + windows pc software
    And use youtube to find tutorials as how to charge/discharge big Li-ion batteries, and or test these.


    Hello Winfried,

    I'm new, but found something on youtube, that might be of help.

    Just to check if the bursting of "spannband" is due to a dying cell (if they swell up, not so good),
    follow the procedure described in the video, or use it as a pointer where to look for.

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    This was exactly the reason I ordered one of these powerlab 8 chargers, so I could do it myselves.

    Regards Carel

    Olaf, sorry for the late reply

    Last 2 weeks have been full.
    Happy to have found a real job, be it in the UK,
    Now at home after 2 weeks of travel.

    What are you looking for??

    Nissan Leaf batteries are the best..? high density power, imo easier to connect than my Yuasa cells.
    Anyhow, my thing was, if it's hard to get Nissan bat's, perhaps go for something else.
    Up here in Holland we have around 50.000 Outlander PHEV, that's a lot on our small population of 16Million souls.
    So I took for the Yuasa bat's.

    The other stuff:
    copper bushbar is new from the metal shop, quite pricey
    The breakers come from a company specialized in dis-mantling server rooms and no-break installations.
    I intend to give them a visit shortly to find out what else they have on stock (Rotterdam area)
    I have contactors from Omron 4 3-pole and 4 2-pole models
    Rack is saved from scrap yard.

    At the moment my project is on hold:
    waiting for BMS and GMDE 6Kw 3-phase inverter charger 40-100V DC to come in.
    I expect REC BMS next week, GMDE by boat from China may take till beginning November.

    Yuasa Battery blocks LEV40-8 came from different vehicles, and have different voltages.
    Per complete battery pack all the same (=10 pieces), but my ESS has 16 cell blocks from 2 different cars.
    I have found a website:
    They work with a Revolectrix charger, to pin a given voltage to a battery pack, in my case the virtual 8p cell 320Ah, want to have all of them to exactly 4.5V
    So I can start right away with the BMS later
    The Powerlab 8 i can be bought for around €275 here in Holland including VAT.
    I have ordered one to set all 8p "cells" to the same voltage.

    with regards

    Hello All,

    last weekend,
    I have worked on copper bush bar with a homemade jig drilling a lot of holes.
    Bushbar is 3 by 20mm. 128 cells 8P 16S total 320Ah 60V nominal 65.6V if fully charged 19.2Kw or better
    Fits our current strategy with GMDE inverter.

    OOps, against strong advise from Joerg I did pursue GMDE, but experienced a setback, as they have changed product spec's.
    Now their 40-100V DC models has no integrated graphical interface any longer, but operate in slave-mode with an external modbus plc.

    I have been so happy with the project"EMDO" Daniel Haense the man behind it, offered help realizing the so badly needed interface between REC BMS EMDO and GMDE.
    It is obvoius the EMDO is in the market to become the "wonder translator" in a gnu licensed world. So to help a lot of enthousiasts, including myself.

    Wanted to go for the "Volkswagen solution", every one get one, but I may need to crawl back....
    At the moment looking at options.

    See pictures, progress on the battery bank.
    + my current stock 24 Lev40-8 modules@1.2Kw each,
    and goodies, lot's of Omron contactors.

    to be continued,


    New here, and beginner on this forum,
    I have been pointed to check here for info regarding GMDE inverter's or maybe better not to use them..?

    Forgive me writing in English, hope there's no problem for all to read it, please do reply in German.
    Not a problem reading German for me.

    Learned from the project of Trond from Norge with the Nissan Leaf batteries, by reading in
    Then I started searching and found Olaf Krause's forum

    I have read with interest the story line of Joerg, though be it with a different focus,
    so glad to find a GMDE diy-project that had a REC-BMS working with the Ge-atom 318KTL.
    I learned of the misfortune with Joergs GMDE inverter, and the bad service he had from China.

    Meanwhile we are in 2016, GMDE has set-up a service center in Germany.
    I was happy to get a life person on the phone, in Europe, which gave me confidence.

    I simply cannot afford SMA IS x3 for having 3-phase,
    so an option would be to give GMDE a serious thought.


    GMDE GE-atom 318KTL, now is available with a battery voltage of 40 to 100V,
    exactly what I need.

    I have been lucky to score 2 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 12Kw batteries, 24Kw total
    Per battery there are 10 Yuasa LEV40-8 cell-blocks 30V/40Amp, in series.

    I plan to connect them in two serial @60V, 5 pairs parallel, nicely matching with the voltage bracket of the GEatom 318KTL 40-100V
    Bringing the number of cell-blocks down to a total that will fit REC BMS16
    Using the Rec BMS + Joerg's Loxone server EMS solution, it could happen that I may get my ESS battery bank to work with GMDE inverters....

    So here's my bid for help.

    @ Joerg,
    could you consider helping out with your particular set-up with the Loxone server that was the EMS interface between REC bms and the GMDE 318KTL

    @ all,
    any suggestions, would be appreciated

    I have attached some pictures, and info regarding the Outlander PHEV baterry.
    The attached Yuasa pdf's are regarding the LEV50-8, but Outlander blog's suggest,that the Lev40-8 has the same characteristics but for the amps
    Both cars were production date 10/2013, most likely commissioned/registered on or close to jan/2014. Start of the fiscal year, and lease company owned.
    Scrapped, around may 2016, given 365 days a year x 2 + a bit extra makes a 1000 cycles or less, of the 5500 claimed cycles, so 4500 cycles left ( I hope)
    That will give around 10 years life span, when in use as ESS. More than enough for me.

    In the battery salvage came some more goodies like contactors; triple pole brand Omron model G9EA-3-CA, and a lot of bushbar

    with regards

    Carel Hassink